Winning Emotions. Successful brand communication with sport and sporteo

That's football: Strangers jump up and down in their seats, rejoice together, and get a sing-a-long going. Friends spend afternoons and evenings together watching TV. The sofa is the stand. Neighbours come by and the match becomes a spontaneous celebration.


In the midst of these emotions are the brand messages of our clients. Animated using cutting edge LEB panel technology, they are beamed into stadiums and into the TVs of hundreds of thousands of fans and straight into people's hearts. There they remain and escort us all day. Whether the fans are buying breakfast rolls or smartphones or cars, your brand messages are never far from their minds.

Football can and does much more: For many it is the water cooler topic of choice, for others it is pure dynamite. It is always a reflection of our society and our lives. It is of particular importance that football forges bonds between people regardless of national borders, cultures and socio-economic divisions and makes them feel they are all on the same team. In this scenario we are not just dealing with a sporting or commercial success but also a win for our society.


They are Winning Emotions too. Our clients also have a share in them.


"The passion of sport boosts our brand in a significant way.'

Mag. Renè Petzner, Head of Marketing KIA


'We also benefit from the larger than life emotions of sport as a regional medium-sized enterprise.'

Michael Kneissler, Assistent to the Management Ströck


'A good business partner is an assist for our appeal.'

Johannes Engl, CEO Enjo


'The fans do more than just watch. They live and breathe the match and that connects us.'

Mag. Bernadette Schwentner, Head of Marketing & Sponsoring tipp3


'No matter who wins the match, we win interns of awareness and image.'

Bernhard Reikersdorfer, CEO RE/MAX


'The emotions we experience with our cients and associates in that stadium go above and beyond our business.'

Rene Filler, CEO sms group


'The coverage given to footbal has afforded brand awareness which is very significant for our business.'

Gerhard Bügler, CEO online Druck GmbH

Wolfgang Hartter

Director Sponsoring Austria



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