The utmost advertising efficiency with sporteo

In the late nineties sporteo was the first company in Europe to present sponsors on rotor panels at live football matches. sporteo was the sports agency to establish the 3D canvas in the German-speaking Europe and the first to use LED technology for sideline panel advertising. By doing so, we were the first to focus on digitally animated sponsorship advertising.


These innovations not only garnered sporteo a reputation as an international pioneer in terms of advertising media but also won the hearts and minds of clients and partners all over the world. They leased or purchased LED panels from sporteo and more often than not joined forces with us. Because at sporteo we can also participate in the event marketing and can position our own sponsors, if need be.


This is a one-of-a-kind package and a win-win cooperation for many sporteo partners which provides them with the right advertising impact at the highest level. The LED and SMD technology over 240 running metres (displaying everything from an animated logo to a TV advert) is integral here.


Boris Scheuermann

General Manager Germany



mob: +49 170 326 46 14