Advertising Impact at its Best: Digital panels and animations by sporteo

Not only does sporteo lease and sell its digital bands but we also provide the logistics, support and the implementation at the hands of experienced experts. If required, sporteo can participate in the marketing side and can position our own sponsors for you.

This is a one-of-a-kind package and a win-win cooperation for many sporteo partners which provides them with the right advertising impact at the highest level. The LED and SMD technology over 240 running metres (displaying everything from an animated logo to a TV advert) is integral here.


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Services | SMD Technologie

SMD Technology

All information as well as technical parameters for SMD technology by sporteo.

Dimensions 2.688 x 896 x 115 mm  
Module 88 or 90  
rm 238 or. 243  
Active area 2.688 x 896 mm  
Matrix 128 columns x 56 lines  
Resolution 8.928 led/m²  
Light source LED SMD (3 in 1)  
Colours red, green, blue  
Pixel 16 mm  
Number of pixels 7.168  
Number of LED 21.504  
Weight 72 kg  
Required power connections match during the day: 3x63A 400 V
  match in the eventing: 3x32A 400 V
Power consumption max. - 1 module 1.600 watt
  min. - 1 module 530 watt
Resolution of animations z.B. 640 x 56 or 1280 x 56 Pixel  
Logo format Windows .avi, 25fps, uncompressed, WinZip oder WinRar  
Leistungen | LED Technology

LED Technology

All information as well as technical parameters for LED technology by sporteo.

Dimensions 3.376 x 915 x 170 mm
Module 64
rm 216
Active Area 3.376 x 900 mm
Matrix 128 columns x 40 lines
Resolution 5055 led/m²
Light source LED
Colours red, green, blue
Pixel 22 mm
Number of pixels 5.120
Number oF LED 15.360
Weight 85 kg
Required power connections 2 x 63A, 400V, 5pin
Power consumption 1 module 180 watt
Resolution of animations z.B. 512 x 40 or1024 x 40 Pixel
Logo format Windows .avi, 25fps uncompressed, WinZip, WinRar
Services | Animationserstellung

Customised high-impact banner design by sporteo

sporteo creates highly professional animations for customised banner designs for effective promotions.

Category A – Logo display with simple motions

The expenses amount to 350 Euro per animation. Here are some sample animations:


Category B - logo and slogans with text effects

Category B is made up of storyboards with given animations.

The expenses amount to 500 Euro per animation. Here are some samples:



Category C - Post production/3D effects, Flash and Video

The animations in category C contain more elaborate post-production effects, 3D effects and modifications of internet flash banners as well as animations including video footage. The expenses amount to 700 Euro per animation. Here are some samples:


Requirements for animations

To ensure that a high-quality animation can be created , the output quality of the provided material must be sufficient. We prefer vector-based data formats (EPS & AI data) so as to be able to scale the data without loss.


Pixel-based data formats (such as GIF, JPEG, BMP data etc.) may also be used, provided that they are not too compressed or too small. A story board and/or a brief outline of your ideas for the animation sequence are helpful. It should also contain the desired slogans.


Boris Scheuermann

General Manager Germany



mob: +49 170 326 46 14