Full Service: Sponsorship services by sporteo

sporteo evaluates, plans, implements and documents sponsorship services. You can rely on the experience and professionalism of an international market leader when it comes to the selection, planning, implementation and revision of your sponsorship project. You can benefit from our extensive network and high standard of efficiency as well.

Sponsorship is not so much a budget matter but a matter of courage and creativity.


Services | TV/LED Panel Advertising

Successful synergies: TV/LED panel advertising by sporteo

The most successful synergy in terms of sponsorship as a communication tool is represented by television and sports. High ratings mean high consumer involvement. In terms of the CPT (cost per thousand contacts), the message could not be clearer.

sporteo creates the most up-to-date advertising media in conjunction with international TV stations in order to take advantage of the world of TV sports in an effective and lasting way. We plan strategically, we implement flawlessly and assess the results responsibly.


That is why hundreds of hours of TV sports coverage are aired annually with sporteo , our clients and/or our sports advertising media.

Services | Incentive & Hospitality

Real experiences forge real connections: Incentive & Hospitality by sporteo

Whether it is customer acquisition, customer retention or co-worker incentives, experiencing sports events together is an especially effective marketing tool, as it is up-close and personal as well as memorable.

sporteo creates and organises Incentive & Hospitality projects as part of our own events as well as third party events including the ticketing and the travel arrangements.

Services | Magic Moment

Quality time together: Magic Moment by sporteo

The simplicity of the Magic Moment philosophy is matched by its authenticity: People consciously take the time with each other and for each other. The momentum of great sports events is 'live' in the truest sense of the word. This momentum captivates and captures everyone who witnesses it.

In a Magic Moment someone gives with any thought of receiving in return. They are keenly aware of this interconnectedness which rewards and enriches all of our lives. They are money-can't-buy events which take you by surprise and maybe are for that very reason memorable and magical.


The Magic Moments of 2016 included:



European Championship 2016 - Austria vs Hungary in Bordeaux



European Championship 2016 - Austria vs. Portugal in Paris




European Championship 2016 - Austria vs. Island in St. Denis



Services | Consulting

Consulting by sporteo

sporteo is your consultant for the strategic selection of communication topics in sport.

We create strategies, evaluate potential, risks and chances and we operationalise the resulting findings. For us the utmost priority is to coordinate the sponsorship activities with the corporate identity and to formulate expectations for communication and marketing targets.

Services | Testimonials

Collaborating responsibly: Testimonials from the sporteo career management

Successful sports personalities are in demand as brand representatives and communication ambassadors because of their clear visibility for the public and their high identification factor.

sporteo has been supporting the career management of sportsmen and women for 28 years. Authentic and responsible collaborations with the world of business are a part of our service and a chance for sports people to continue their sporting success stories in the business world.

Wolfgang Hartter

Director Sponsoring Austria



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